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OWEN KING (The Founder)

Owen King grew up in Nottingham and started his Martial Arts journey at the age of 17.


Owen had a rough childhood growing up. Throughout his school years, he tried his best to steer clear of his abusive stepfather.


Life at home was torture for Owen and at the age of 14, he decided to run away from home. 


Owen’s foster brother Peter Cope, took him in when he was homeless. 


Ever since then, Owen and Peter have been an unstoppable duo in the Martial Arts scene.


In 1997, Owen went to his first tournament at the WKA championships in Ireland. He won the silver medal, which made him the second best in the world.


Owen has won titles such as the British, European and World titles at associations such as WAKO and WKA.


After a successful career, Owen and Peter opened their own fight gym to train students. 


Owen and Peter have coached thousand of students, 


Launched the careers of many fighters, leading them to win tournaments, claim trophies, and wear titles proudly around their waist.


On top of that, Owen has served as the Head striking coach for  UFC’s "Judo" Jimmy Wallhead, Andre Winner and Jay Silva.


Owen tells his students to believe in themselves and what they can achieve.


People will always make a rough judgment of you and tell you what they think you can achieve. But they’re not always right. 


As long as it’s a realistic goal, you can achieve a lot of things with self belief.


“If you do not have the belief you can win… you won’t. You need to believe in yourself even if nobody else does”


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