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Young male student trading jabs at his professional boxing fight


Boxing is a combination of footwork, balance, strategy, head movement, defense and a range of punches at your opponent. The aim of the game is to hit your opponent whilst minimizing the chances of getting hit yourself!

When You Join Our Boxing Classes…

All our boxing classes are mixed. That means every student ranging from complete beginner to experienced are welcome to join! 


Don’t worry if you lack any prior experience — you’re probably not the only beginner. 


You will take part in the same warm up exercise as everyone else before partnering up with another student.


But If it’s your first time boxing, you’ll partner up with Coach Owen as he teaches you the basic fundamentals such as stance, footwork and punches. 


It’s worth mentioning that there’s no physical contact during these sessions. More advanced students can take part in sparring. Of course, that’s dependent on their level of skill and experience.  


Classes are roughly divided into three main sections.


The first is warm up exercises that include stretching and conditioning exercises needed to start boxing. 


After that, we'll show you how to box and practice the techniques.


Examples of these include,

  • Striking – working in pairs using boxing gloves/pads.

  • Guard – drilling guard postures and defensive techniques.

  • Movement – working on upper body movements and footwork.

  • Strength and conditioning – Build a stronger and fitter physique to improve your boxing skills 

What Should I Wear For Boxing?

For your first session you will need to wear something comfortable and baggy. T-shirts, vests, Joggers, shorts or leggings will be acceptable. Make sure there are no zips or unnecessary buttons on any item.


If you have your own gloves, hand wraps, and boxing boots please bring them along but, if you don’t, it’s not a problem. 

Can I Try Boxing?

Yes! You are welcome to trial out our classes for 7 days for absolutely free. Just complete the signup form and we’ll respond within 24 hours to arrange a suitable time you can join our classes.


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