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Who Am I And Why Would You Listen To Me?

Coach Owen King looking strong and ready to fight.

My name is Owen King. 


I’m a 4x Kickboxing World Champion and the founder of Fighter Training Performance Centre. 


I’ll be your coach when you join the best mixed martial arts gym in Nottingham.


Think of me as your Mr. Miyagi from Karate Kid.

Here's a glimpse of what I've achieved in 35 years:


  • I’ve won British, European, and World titles in kickboxing.

  • I’ve trained THOUSANDS of students in Martial Arts.

  • And I've led students and Pro Fighters to win Championship Titles.

Trust me, I have A LOT of experience under my belt.


If that makes you feel intimidated or unsure if you'll fit in with our community...


Then understand this when you join my gym, 


❌ You don’t need ANY martial arts experience. 


❌ Any prior knowledge. 


❌ Or to even be in great physical shape. 

That will happen naturally over time when you attend our classes.

And I promise you’ll see your skills skyrocket.


Welcome to the Fighter Training Performance Centre!

What’s The Big Deal With 
The Fighter Trainer Performance Centre?

When you want a burger and fries… 

You go to McDonalds.

When you’ve broken down on the M1… 

You call the AA.

When you want to learn how to fight… 

You join the Fighter Training Performance Centre.

There’s a reason why we’re the best Mixed Martial Arts gym in Nottingham.

Coach Peter Cope and I together have more than…

70+ years of experience in Martial Arts.

While many instructors at fight gyms do a decent job at training their students, 

Our training absolutely TRUMPS them. 

Professional fighters seek my expertise, not just beginners trying Kickboxing. 

So choosing us means you’re learning from the best in the industry,

Whether you're serious about the sport or just getting started.

But it’s not just the coaching that makes our gym the best in Nottingham. 

Our friendly community of supportive members is what gives the place life!

Sure, we’re not “super serious" all of the time.

We do enjoy having a laugh here and there.

But when it's time to start training…

That’s when the intensity gets turned up a few notches and the REAL workout begins.

When that happens, we inspire one another to push past our limitations and keep going. 

That way we can grow and succeed together. 

The community is super welcoming to all age groups, skill levels and fitness levels.

So you shouldn’t have a problem fitting right in with us. 

The only thing that’s NOT welcome is entitled egos.

So make sure you leave that at the front door. 

We’re all here for personal development and there will be no judgment or harassment allowed. 

If that’s all good with you, 

I’d love to invite you to the Fighter Training Performance Centre! 

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